1Q: What is The Gaming Grounds?
A: The Gaming Grounds is a new and exciting marketplace for buyers and sellers of the collectible gaming world to purchase and sell their products safely. After a 3-month survey was completed, our R&D team found out what was most important to the players of the collectible card and miniature community: Safety. The Gaming Grounds offers an intuitive and easy to use marketplace. Since safety for buyers and sellers is our primary concern, buying and selling has never been so easy! For information how to purchase and sell product, please watch our short animated video located at the top of this page.
2Q: What are the fees associated with The Gaming Grounds?
A: That’s an excellent question! The Gaming Grounds has lower fees than all of our competitors. King Emperor accounts pay 5.69% per listing, and Standard Soldier accounts pay 4.69% per listing. A King Emperor account grants your products premium, bolded listings which appear first when an item is searched for. You are also responsible for Merchant Processing Fees, a cost we pass on to you. Additionally, there is a small .10 fee when we deposit your funds via ACH.
3Q: As a seller, how do I get paid?
A: So you want to collect your bounty, eh? It’s simple! Please enter your bank account information so we can verify your account and you may receive your treasures weekly! You'll receive an e-mail so you may verify micro-deposits into your account. You will then be setup for automatic ACH deposits. All ACH deposits are subject to a 10 cent processing fee.
4Q: What protection does The Gaming Grounds offer me, as a buyer and seller?
A: The cornerstone of our organization thrives off of protection for both parties. A seller who fulfills their side of the agreement shouldn’t be penalized – just as a buyer who purchases an item should receive it exactly as stated. That’s why we came up with our Roundtable Knight Guarantee. Our Roundtable guarantee is fully carried out by one of our Roundtable Knight Specialists. Here are some safety measures we have created for the community: 1. ALL sellers MUST provide a DATESTAMPED FRONT AND BACK image of their products listed UNTIL THEY REACH 100 POSITIVE FEEDBACK. Once 100 positive feedback is reached, you may use stock photos of your items. This means you MUST HANDWRITE on a piece of paper your username and the date next to your product when taking photos to upload. For instance, if you are selling a “ Pokemon Base Set Charizard 4/102 Holo NM”, you must provide a minimum of 2 pictures: One of the front next to the paper, and one of the back next to the paper. Failure to do so will result in a warning and/or other disciplinary actions as well as a possible loss if a Roundtable Dispute is opened for your product sale. 2. The condition of your product must match the photos. For instance, if you choose MP/LP as a condition yet take photos of a damaged card, you MAY entitle the buyer to return the product or accept a partial refund. CHECK OUR GRADING CHART IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT CONDITION YOUR CARD IS IN, OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT GRADING. 3. All sellers MUST RECORD AND SAVE A VIDEO of them packaging their products into their shipping containers AND if the item is sent without tracking, a VIDEO must be RECORDED AND SAVED of shipping (placing into a post office or public mailbox). If sent with tracking, the tracking number MUST be uploaded within 72 HOURS OF THE SALE. ******If your video of packaging the product into its container doesn’t match the container that was shipped, you may be liable for a refund to your customer. Scamming will NOT be tolerated. If the package sent in the mailing video does NOT match the package that was initially shown in the packaging video, that will be perceived as misconduct and/or scamming. Alternatively, if the buyer attempts to tamper with their received package to create the illusion of scamming, they will also face disciplinary action. The Gaming Grounds, LLC will show absolutely no bias to the buyer or the seller. The Gaming Grounds, LLC will rely on facts and documentation. 4. As a seller, if you follow and abide by these rules, and document the entire sale, you will NOT be penalized. 5. As a buyer, you want to receive EXACTLY what you ordered. If your product does not arrive in a timely fashion or is not what you ordered, you may open up a Roundtable Knight Dispute. One of our Roundtable Knights will open up a query with the seller so a resolution can take place. Please note: If you choose untracked shipping as your shipping method, there is no tracking guarantee that your product arrives. When a dispute is opened, the seller will be asked to provide VIDEO documentation of the entire packaging and shipping process. If there is any non-compliant behavior/documentation, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund. 6. As a buyer, if your seller has been found liable of scamming/misrepresentation, a successful resolution to your case will proceed. 7. As a seller, if you have followed our entire selling procedure with proper documentation, you will not be penalized in any way. If you forget any of the items of documentation you are responsible for, you will be penalized and may possibly be liable for a refund or partial refund to the buyer. 8. As a buyer, if you are found fraudulently misrepresenting product you have purchased through a Seller on the Site by tampering with products receive for financial or other gains, you will be immediately banned, and may face legal consequences in a court of law if The Gaming Grounds, LLC sees fit.
5Q: How do I search for a product?
A: Searching is easier than ever before! Simply find the Search function at the top of the front page and type in the product you are looking for and select the product which matches your desire. Alternatively, you can search by Category.
6Q: How do I purchase a product?
A: Purchasing a product is also a very simple process. Create an account, then simply find the product which matches your desire, click Add to Cart, and then checkout.
7Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is a flat cost for what you purchase. Please check our Shipping Rates page.
8Q: I’m a seller. How do I package my Singles and Sealed Product I’ve just sold?
A: Great question Seller! Check out our “Shipping and Packaging Guidelines” Page!
9Q: What are the fees to Buy and Sell on The Gaming Grounds?
A: Buying is always free! Sellers, check our “Fees” page for up-to-date selling fees. We promise they’re the most affordable in the land!
10Q: How do I contact The Gaming Grounds?
A: Easy! Our e-mail is Support@TheGamingGrounds.com. We answer e-mails as fast as possible, and sometimes out of normal business hours. Our customer service department is open from Monday-Friday from 9:30 A.M. E.S.T. to 6:30 P.M. E.S.T.