Grading Scale

Singles are divided into the several grades below:

Damaged (Card shows extremely heavy signs of wear such as full, large creases, missing text, missing pieces of the card, heavy scratches, severe whitening around edges and ineligible text and/or pictures).

Heavy Play (Card shows heavy signs of wear such as medium/large creases, heavy scratches, heavy whitening around edges, and small amounts of text missing).

Heavy Play/Moderate Play (Card shows Moderate/Heavy signs of wear such as medium sized creases, medium/heavy scratches, medium/heavy whitening)

Moderate Play (Card shows a moderate amount of wear such as small creases, medium whitening around edges, and some medium sized scratches).

Moderate/Light Play (Card shows a small amount of moderate wear such as very small creases, a light amount of whitening, and some light scratching).

Light Play (Card shows a small amount of wear such as some light whitening around card edges and light scratches)

Near Mint (Card shows nearly no wear – no creasing whatsoever, VERY limited whitening not larger than the tip of a pin, and no scratching).

Mint (Card shows virtually ZERO wear – no creasing, scratches, NO whitening, NO BENDS, the card is PERFECT).


All sealed product should be sent with no signs of wear, or at very most slightly disrupted packaging. Contents must be 100% untampered with.