Have you contacted the seller of the item 2 times, and you aren’t satisfied with the response?

"The Site" (www.TheGamingGrounds.com) handles ALL disputes regarding products purchased on "The Site".

Feel free to contact our RoundTable Knight Dispute team with your name, order number, and the issue in which you want to dispute. Please describe in DETAIL the issue to be resolved.

Our team will promptly contact The Seller and you to obtain a full documentation on the Dispute. Please refer to our "Buyer Policies" page for the information of what to document when opening a RoundTable Knight Dispute as a buyer.

Once we receive all relevant documentation, a solution will be proposed to both parties involved which may include a partial or full refund, or in some cases an authorized return of merchandise. Once a proper resolution is reached, the Dispute will be CLOSED.

Please note, RoundTable Knight Disputes are handled by our elite team of hand chosen and highly experienced trading and buying/selling specialists who have a combined 30+ years of experience!

Please fill out the following contact form to file your RoundTable Knight Dispute: