Return and Refund Policies

Sellers on are not obliged accept returns for single or sealed product. Returns for a full refund are ONLY guaranteed for one of the following reasons:

1. The item arrived in a condition that was far different than what was originally notated in the listing. For instance, if you receive a single which was noted as “LP or Light Play”, and it arrives as “MP/HP or Moderate Play Heavy Play” you are entitled to return the card for a full refund including original shipping. This right however, is to be moderated by The Site ( who reserves the right to approve or deny any return or refund for any reason whatsoever.

2. The item that arrives does not match the description of the item ordered.

Refunds are issued in a full or partial manner only when a Roundtable Dispute is filed with on behalf of the buyer and finds the Seller at fault. A Roundtable Dispute which finds no fault of the Seller may not result in a refund or return of the product purchased. By agreeing to our Return and Refund Policies, you are forgoing your right to dispute your transaction with the method of payment or financial institution you used.