Shipping/Packaging Guidelines

As a seller, you must adhere to the following Shipping and Packaging Guidelines –

All orders must be shipped out within 72 hours of sale date.

All orders must be SAFELY packaged and shipped using the following methods:

For singles: Top loaders and/or cardboard is necessary when shipping singles. 7-8 cards can safely be put into an oversized top loader or soft top loader. Shipping singles without adequate protection is a direct use of misconduct. If top loaders are not available, you must tape two pieces of cardboard over your singles to ensure a safe shipping process and undamaged goods being delivered to your Buyer.

When shipping via tracked First Class or Priority mail, always use a bubble mailer at the very least. DO NOT try and fit 10 cards in a single, regular size Top Loader. A maximum of 6 cards per regular size top loader will be allowed under our safety guidelines.

Cards shipped without the use of a sleeve and top loader/card protector may result in shipping damage, which will become The Seller’s fault. If this is the case, The Seller may be found liable and may have to provide the buyer with a refund up to the total amount of the sale plus original shipping.

Sealed product should always ship in padded protection and should not arrive damaged. Booster boxes should be shipped in a highly padded bubble mailer at the very least, or an untampered cardboard box.


If you are shipping miniatures and/or expensive single cards, a 1'' thick layer of bubble wrap (at minimum) should be applied to all sides.

Tissues and other household items are NOT a replacement for bubble wrap. If item(s) arrive damaged due to improper packaging methods not outlined in this Guideline, The Buyer may be entitled to a full or partial refund from The Seller.

Adequate taping should be used on ALL shipments.

If addresses are being written on boxes or mailers or envelopes, they should be written NEATLY and legibly, so shipping delays are kept to a minimum.